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We talked to Luis «peacemaker» Tadeu after Heroic beat HellRaisers during the second day of StarSeries i-League S4. Brazilian coach told our site his thoughts about new format of tournament and his first steps in Heroic.


— Congratulations you with a victory! How do you feeling? Was match difficult for your team?
On a first map we knew, that HR will hard play against us with a stand-in. Train is one of most comfortable maps for us and we also knew that they have to ban Nuke, so Train was  under the control whole the time.

Cobblestone. We always have pretty good start on that map, but then something goes wrong in a midgame. I think Ange1 and Johnta(coach of HR) really good adapt to us and do some pretty good executions and we don’t have good answer for it. That is exactly what happened, they found the gap. In our CT side RUBINO wasn`t really fit to A, we need to fix it and practice a lot. HellRaisers played really well, but towards the end, in overtime we knew that they will try to hit and just adapt to it.

— During the game I heard, that you and your players screaming a lot, but couldn’t figure out what is exactly. What did it mean and why have you done it?
Usually I try to do it for keeping players positive, because when they under pressure, which happens to every team, then they start to talk less to each other, communicating less, and especially when you lose a round, then people start to feel a bit taunt. So I try to motivate them, because I am not allowed to speak during the game itself.

— So that`s the way to “reloading” the team by shout?
Yeah! I always tell them to scream during the game, cause that realizes stress. You have to scream, you have to yell. I think I kinda brought it from Brazilian scene, cause we always shouting, very emotional. And those guys are Scandinavian super cold…

— Like Vikings?
Exactly! Really hard, but we adapting now, especially MODDII. He`s the guys who is most emotional and positive.


— Let’s speak a bit about new format of group stage – bo3 matches in swiss format. What do you think about it?
I saw a lot of top teams, which were complaining on best of one matches, because they have deeper map pools so anyway it makes sense.

— For Heroic it more advantage or disadvantage?
For us it`s hard right now, cause we don’t have enough time for playing with a new player, but still we play almost on all maps, besides Cache, which we always ban. But it always hard to play bo3 for underdogs, cause you often you have to end match on uncomfortable map. For example Chinese teams, for TyLoo.

For underdogs it`s much harder, but I think it`s fare to everyone, that is the way which all the competitions should be. Deep in map pools, when teams have to proof themselves.

— Cannot ask you about the TyLoo. Do you like how they performed?
It’s craziness! I met them before the match with fnatic, and I heard some things. For example, they have leak of practice, due to problems in China like moving gamehouse of smth. They haven’t almost practiced for past 2 months. That makes their victory on fnatic even more special for them.

— Well, they have new player – xccurate.
Yeah, I know, he’s their new AWP. Cause when I was there, Mo didn’t want to be an AWP anymore. He feels more comfortable with rifle.

— Do you still have disagreements because of that awkward situation between you and TyLoo on a major?
For sure not. We are really close with guys, they respect me a lot and I respect them for all the work we did together. I don’t really speak a lot about that story, cause there are two sides of what happened. But one thing is for sure – we are friends, yesterday we just talk and they understood my side. There is more problem between me and management of organization, not players.

— For past years you traveled a lot from team to team, yeah? So how long you want to stay with Heroic?
It’s been a bit rough for me, changing teams constantly. With Heroic I am since October, and have a one-year contract, so I plan to keep do my best that time. If we will take a look for how Heroic perform before, and when we started to work together so right now I think we are top-12 in the world. We are keep working and qualifying on tournaments. I plan to stay with Heroic as long as it possible.

— Players accept your unusual style of coaching?                                                             
Yeah. Biggest thing, that I was have to adapt well for the role and it took me sometime to not be able to talk that much in game as I have to.


— What was the biggest challenge in your first time with Heroic?
In my past teams I wasn’t only coach. I was in game leader too, so I was controlling everything and that was a struggle for me. In this team I have Snappi, who is good and experienced IGL, so basically we working both, but he have a right of the final word, as it should be and I helping him.

— Now you how one lose and one victory in a group stage. Which team you want to face next and which don’t want?
Well, there are a lot of good teams. But I don’t want to play against team who play fast, like Cloud9, Liquid and for sure SK. And which I’d like to play? TyLoo! It would be great match-up.

— Last question. Your prediction for CIS derby between Na’Vi and Gambit.
Woah, it’s the hard one. Cause Seized play for Gambit and I sure, that he wants to prove, that he deserve to be here. And don’t forget about clash of coaches. In match-ups like this anything can happen, but I met s1mple yesterday and I think that now he is on his maximum right now.

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